3 Home Treatment For Insomnia, and Anxiety

Home Treatment For Insomnia, Sleeplessness, and Anxiety

Regular Exercise

Exercise For InsomniaProperly timing your exercises may greatly improve your chances of falling asleep. Exercising four to eight hours before bed is ideal.

People tend to have a lingering sense of energy and so proper timing is important.

Exercise increases body temperature, and the change in temperature may promote falling asleep.

Exercise may also reduce insomnia by decreasing arousal, anxiety and depressive symptoms.

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation for AnxietyVarious Techniques used to calm one’s state of mind especially before decision making encounters since anxiety can cause poor decision making.

Relaxation techniques simply take away some of the issues that people with anxiety must deal with every day.

It reduces anxiety and stress, loosens muscles, reduces pain, and may improve your feelings of hope.

Herbal Supplements


Passion Flower For AnxietyPassionflower extract has been found to decrease anxiety in patients. In addition to that, it has been proven useful as an all-natural aid for sleep and anxiety.

Passionflower increases the production of brain chemical GABA (gama aminobutyric acid). This chemical is responsible for the calming effect.  So, keep a tin of passionflower tea in cupboards.

Valerian Root

Valerian for sleep AidThis root is unique as it cures insomnia and nervous tension caused by anxiety. Valerian has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy. Not only that but it Naturally Aids Sleep calms Anxiety

Helping effects of valerian on poor sleep were significant. Studies of participants reveal that 44 percent reported perfect sleep while 89 percent reported improved sleep when taking valerian root.

In addition, no side effects such as hang-over or addictiveness were observed for this group, which is rare in sleep aid products.

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